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It Can Be A Mistake To Expect A Seller To Counter The Offer

Homebuyers often make a counteroffer blunder. With regards to making offers, first-time house purchasers are significantly bound to make blunders. A few buyers trust it is OK to attempt to arrange a home's business cost since they accept the seller will counter their proposal until the two sides are happy with the cost.


Purchasers who take part in extended conversations hazard losing the house they are endeavoring to buy. Find out about one of the most widely recognized counteroffers botches made by house purchasers during dealings.


Don’t Make This Counteroffer Mistake for a New Home Listing

The quantity of days available doesn't generally influence the deal cost. Many homes that have been available for 90 days or more sell at the asking cost.

New listings, then again, rarely sell for not exactly the asked cost when they sell inside the main week. This shows that the cost was an honest assessment. It is therefore that it isn't generally a savvy thought to attempt to deal and anticipate that the seller should challenge the proposal on another posting. One more solid motivation to try not to arrange is one that is some of the time dismissed.

In case you're a purchaser hoping to purchase a house in an economically difficult market, you're not alone. Your preferences for a house are probably going to be like those of some other home purchaser. It's sensible to expect to be that in case you're infatuated with a property, another purchaser will be too.


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Process and Time Involved

Here is a breakdown of how negotiations can turn against you if you take too long:

  • Over the phone or by email, the listing agent and seller discuss the details of your offer.
  • The seller tells the listing agent to create a counter-offer. Other issues can be included in the counter, according to the agent. These may be issues that both parties would have ignored if the buyer’s offer had been accepted in its whole, but because the seller wants to respond, they are included.
  • The listing agent sends the counteroffer to the seller for signing, who has now gone out to dinner and will not check their email until next morning.
  • When the realtor receives the signed counter from the seller, she emails the counteroffer to the buyer’s agent, who is attending their son’s soccer game for the afternoon.
  • Later that afternoon, the buyer’s agent calls to discuss the counteroffer terms. They discuss whether the buyer should accept the terms and conditions of the counteroffer or issue a second counteroffer.
  • More often than not, the buyer accepts the terms of the counteroffer.
  • Meanwhile, another buyer has submitted an offer for the realtor’s asking price to the real estate broker.
  • The listing agent tells the buyer’s agent that a better offer has been received and that the seller is withdrawing the counter to their offer before the buyer’s agent can prepare the document.


Too much time has passed in this scenario. Twenty-four hours is plenty of time for another buyer to write a full-price offer. The first buyer could have used this tactic used instead of trying to negotiate in a seller's market. 

Do not believe an agent who tells you the seller will always counter the offer. Even if the seller does, you can still lose the house if the home is still getting showings.



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