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Homeward Bound Newsletter March 2021 (Spring Time)


Spring is coming! Yay! We just shot a video from the outside and entered the house, wow! Great! Yes, we realize that when you read and understand it, it may be cold and rainy, but those cold days have passed. Everyone likes spring, mainly because it means... summer is coming!


However, for many people in this big country, it is still a cold, gray and snowy place! To be sure, this winter is coming to an end. It will be impeccable every year.

Certain seasons of life will be very hot, while other seasons will be very cold, some times higher and other times lower. We want to go low quickly, and we want to stay high forever. But this is the low point we have learned the most from those difficult times. All the experiences in these seasons make us ourselves.


Unfortunately, there are some that will have a Spring Time they would much rather forget. 

With all the beauty this Spring time brings, there is also the ugly for some. Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) of Toronto is having to turn some away.  For them and their families, Spring time is the furthest thing from their mind. Don’t get me wrong, these families long to see their kids out in the yard playing or riding their bikes – but for now, they are praying for help. 


Your Referrals Help Continue the Life Changing Work by Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) of Toronto!



As a result of working with over hundreds of families for the last 5  years, we have developed a special market-proof program to quickly get an acceptable “cash” offer on any home for market value. So, we are giving Home Owners wanting to make a move a very special gift this holiday season.


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OUR GUARANTEE to you, your friends and family—

For this March, we will guarantee in writing within 24 hours to provide cash discounts at a price acceptable to any homeowner who wishes to sell the house he claims. *

Therefore, if you or anyone you know wants to make money in real estate with other people's money, please contact us immediately.


We have an awesome tool developed to provide you Custom Search for all MLS Listing as they hit the market. Our searches include Bank Foreclosures, Company Owned Properties, Builder Sales, Private Sales and all other distress sales. Visit HERE  to sign you so you don’t miss out a great deal when you are ready to make a move.


Making gains in assets and wealth are nice!  I especially like it because it allows me the opportunity to GIVE more. How about you?


As you probably know, we donate a portion of our income to some AMAZING worthy causes!  Like Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) of Toronto, one of the country’s leading non-profit organization in treating cancer patients and finding cure.

This year we are on a mission to raise $10,000 for CCS.  Their work in helping cancer victims fight thru and survive through this nasty disease as well as their work in early diagnosis of cancer including researches being done to find cancer sure is second to none! And as the leading not for profit in our area, you probably know they need sponsorships and donations to continue their leading-edge care and keep family’s expenses to a minimum. We are committed to donating a portion of our income from home sales to this very worthy cause.  So, YOUR REFERRALS really do HELP FIGHT CANCER…


Do you know who is considering buying or selling a house or investing in real estate, can you recommend it to my team? Not only will they benefit from our award-winning service, but also cancer patients from the Canadian Cancer Society.


Just give us a call or pass our number on to anyone you know considering buying or selling. Our number is 647-933-0009.


You and your referrals mean more than ever to my team.  As we move forward thru this holiday season, please know we are extremely thankful for you and you being a special part of our business.

We hope you and your family are well and this Season brings you much joy and happiness.




If you need to BUY or SELL a Home,

Team Soldxperts can help you and if you have any questions in regards to real estate, then you must call US today! at


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